Company Airvice Consulting specialize in advisory services in automation of business processes of the companies on the basis of modern SaaS-services, matters of construction and optimization of corporate (in-house) IT environments for Professional Service Organizations: legal, audit, recruiting, PR, marketing and other project organizations.

Our specialists are experts in the establishment of Private (Private Cloud) and Hybrid (Hybrid Cloud) IT infrastructures. We help to combine effectively classical approaches with innovative cloud solutions and SaaS-services. Application of modern SaaS-solutions for collaboration allows you to automate key in-house business processes and to move work efficiency to a new level.

Construction of optimal IT environments and automation of collaboration has special place in the company activity. Expert-consultants of Airvice Consulting help owners and managers to be aware of all projects in the company and to manage effectively the workflow even outside the office. Use of mobile devices allows you to be always available, to make management decisions and improve the quality of your Customers service.

Our experts are professional and well-experienced consultants who understand well the features of management in legal business and have direct experience of practical management and project work in the leading law companies and other Professional Service Firms.

Providing services for our Clients, we increase the effectiveness of management systems in Law Firms, constantly deepening their professional knowledge and experience. We monitor constantly current approaches and best technologies in management and IT/IS and apply them to practice of management and business development of our Clients.

Applying modern approaches and SaaS-solutions we increase the efficiency of your business. We release you from unnecessary capital expenditures and give full control over your work from anywhere and from all your devices.